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The Gadgets: The Edifier

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Although we've traditionally seen more extensive speaker systems by Edifier, the company's new MP200 takes it in a different direction with a colourful and fun sub speaker that's ultra-portable, splash proof, and provides not only Bluetooth capabilities but also micro SD card and USB playback, all packed into a two-inch cube that's surprisingly comfortable to hold in your hand.

There’s no point in getting into any real analysis on audio quality in a $35 speaker, but we’ll say that the MP200 sounded considerably better than we expected for a speaker of its size and price, both in maximum volume and audio fidelity. There’s only so much you can get out of a single two-inch driver, and Edifier isn’t bending the laws of physics here — there’s still noticeable distortion at high volumes, the sound is unrefined, and of course there’s nothing here that even vaguely resembles stereo separation. On the other hand, anybody who is expecting these kind of things from a $35 speaker is dreaming in technicolor, so we’d say that for its price the MP200 does a remarkable job of not only providing good sound but also versatile playback options in a very nicely designed package.

The speakerphone capabilities were also a nice bonus, and worked decently — callers could still tell we were on a speakerphone, of course, but our voice came through clearly at a distance of several feet. Edifier also promises up to 12 hours of playback time over Bluetooth on a single charge.

The MP200 is available in seven colors, including black and white and somewhat muted light green and light blue, in addition to more colorful blue, orange, and green options. The package includes a USB to micro USB cable and a pre-attached lanyard that appears designed to be left attached — although it is possible to remove it if you really want to.

The Wrap

If you’re looking for an ultra-small speaker that you can take just about anywhere, it’s hard to go wrong with the MP200 at this price.

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